The Australian Bushfire Appeal Print Sale was an initiative organised by myself to raise much needed funds to support those impacted by the bushfires that ravaged Australia in early 2020.

Over 60 artists and photographic institutes from Australia and around the world donated prints and other works to the cause. As a result, we raised over $26,000 for the Country Fire Authority Victoria and the Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities.

The appeal could not have taken place without the help of some key contributors. These include the team of volunteers, Eloise Coomber, Jake Nemirovsky, Ted Min, Chaoyang Liu, Portia Sarris and Patrick Riley; the supportive help of Kelly Hussey-Smith, Isabella Capezio, Alan Hill, Ray Cook and Gabriel Nilsen; and the sponsorship of RMIT School of Arts, Michael's Camera and Canson Infinity.

Finally, all of the artists and institutions who donated works:

Dayannah Baker Barlow & Raphaela Rosella, Bloom Publishing, Chris Bowes, James Bugg, Isabella Capezio, Ray Cook, Eloise Coomber, Bieke Depoorter (BE), Alice Duncan, Ana Paula Estrada, Peyton Fulford (US), Michael Garbutt, Daniel Gevaux, Hillvale Photo, Alana Holmberg, Kelly Hussey-Smith & Alan Hill, Thomas Jordan (US), Brian Kanagaki (US), Shea Kirk, Katrin Koenning, Luke Le, Chaoyang Liu, Jordan Madge, Bec Martin, Christine McFetridge, Kate McWilliam, Susan Meiselas (US), Max Mikulecky (US), Hayley Millar-Baker, Graham Miller, Ted Min, George Muncey (UK), Rebecca Najdowski, Jake Nemirovsky, Tim Palman, Sarah Pannell, Martin Parr (UK), Perimeter Editions, Emma Phillips, Max Pinckers (BE), Lekhena Porter, Luke Pownall, Printed Matter (NYC), Clare Rae, Patrick Riley, Lewis Rodan, Portia Sarris, Alec Soth (US), Chris Taylor, Noah Thompson, Yvonne Todd (NZ), Larry Towell (CA), Trudi Treble, James Tylor, Sarah Walker, Laurence Watts, Felix Wilson, Abigail Varney, Salvatore Vitale (CH)

  contact [at] wattslaurence [dot] com